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Serotonin Luxury Sea Salts (PRE- ORDER)

Serotonin Luxury Sea Salts (PRE- ORDER)

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Indulge in our luxurious bath salts, bursting with vibrant colors and seductive fragrances. Crafted with the finest sea salts and enriched with Coconut Milk Powder, our salts will leave your skin velvety soft and your muscles at ease. The creamy goodness of coconut milk soothes dry, irritated skin while our beautiful hidden embeds add a touch of artistry to your bath. Experience the benefits of using UPS Epsom salts, the preferred choice for immersion tanks. Our signature blend of cucumber, grapefruit, lime, guava, passion fruit, wasabi, cilantro, and fern will transport you to a luxurious spa.

Contains: Coconut Milk, USP grade Epsom salts, Dead Sea Salt, Dendritic salt, Pink Himalayan salts, SLSA, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt, fragrance oil, FD&C Dyes and Lakes

Large Bag contains 700 grams of Serotonin.

Half Bag contains 300 grams of Serotonin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Erin Vitelli
Forever repurchase!!!

Her salts are always packed with color and a ton of skin loving ingredients!!

These are my favorite!

I buy 2 or 3 bags of this at a time as it tends to sell out quick. It really does help with my leg pain and helps me get some good sleep. I was in a four wheeler accident and have pain all the time. I have tried lots of stuff but this actually helps.